ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE & HEALTH EQUITY -- Black people and other people of color have regularly been subjected to nonconsensual experimentation on their bodies and communities as a result of racist policy and practice.

Reparations --

  1. Remediation of toxins from our environments

  2. Breaking down barriers to land ownership for Black people and other people of color

  3. Access to free psychological and emotional wellness services to address the traumas associated with structural racism

  4. Public acknowledgement of racist experimentation on the bodies of Black people and people of color as well as restitution for these individuals and their families

Current Systemic Inequity--

  1. Ending environmental racism such as pollution of the air, the water, our homes and or infrastructure, as well as the land.

  2. Access to quality, single-payer healthcare for all

  3. Endorse and Implement “In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda produced Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Voices: The State of Black Women and Reproductive Justice”

New Systems and Institutions--

  1. Community-run food systems

  2. Cooperatively-owned green utilities

  3. Community care network (alternative to state interventions around health and public safety) 

This Food Justice Guide will be an online resource for building new, community-run food systems in urban communities of color.

Transforming the dominant, global food system is an enormous undertaking. The CT Food Justice Network defines food justice as “Identifying and activating community-based economic solutions to increase racial equity and self-determination in food systems.” Guided by community members and activists, this guide is designed to share resources and experiences and ultimately build new, community-run food systems that provide economic benefit and foster liberation to communities of color in urban centers. 


Connecticut Food Justice Network (meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month)

The Connecticut Food Justice Network is part of our Organize Now! Network. We are committed to identifying and activating community based economic solutions to increase racial equity and self-determination in our food system.


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