CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM -- The War on Drugs has resulted in unjust criminalization, policing, and incarceration in communities of color.

Reparations --

  1. Automatic restoration of voting rights for the formerly incarcerated

  2. Elimination of debt related to incarceration

  3. Restitution for those unjustly incarcerated

  4. Exoneration of criminal records

  5. Access to housing subsidies for those formerly incarcerated

Current Systemic Inequity --

  1. Police oversight

  2. Bail reform

  3. End the school-to-prison-pipeline

  4. Ban the box

New Systems and Institutions --

  1. Prison abolition

  2. Alternatives to policing


Community Poll - Policing Reform Survey

ACLU - "What to Do if Stopped by the Police" - Downloadable Card

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