Change your Perspective, Change the World

Ever feel like you’re stuck in an endless loop of negativity? I think you might need to change your perspective.

Change is inevitable and necessary, but it’s also a choice. It comes from finding the courage to challenge our perspectives, live with more gratitude, and embrace discomfort. The world around us constantly changes, demanding that we adapt and change too — or stay behind and fall out of sync with reality.

So how do we change? How can we be better prepared for the demands of life today? How can we make our lives better and more meaningful, despite the pressures and problems surrounding us?

“Change is inevitable; progress is optional.” – John Maxwell.

1: Understand the impacts of decision fatigue. Make decisions consciously. Monitor your decision-making process, so you are aware of when it’s time to make a change in your routine or direction. Be conscious of how decisions drain your energy and cognitive capacity. Once you know the signs, you can be proactive and choose your battles.

2: Be aware of your expectations of how things “should” be and your reactions to how they are. Shift your perspective on what’s happening around you. Be open to seeing things differently.

3: Embrace discomfort as an opportunity to change or grow – but only if you can do so healthily, with a positive attitude and outcome in mind. Without discomfort, you’ll never change, grow or learn. If you aren’t evolving or growing as a person, there’s little reason to stay on life’s path.

4: Respect and understand that change isn’t easy for anyone — especially when it involves accepting new facts and truths about life. Sometimes people need to process information before accepting the facts about reality. If we want to improve our lives, we must accept and respect what others are experiencing in their own lives.

5: Be willing to admit when you’re wrong and accept the consequences of your actions. If other people have advised you, give them a meaningful apology if they are upset or frustrated with you. If they respond negatively, acknowledge that they’re not happy, and then move on.

6: Finally, remember that change is gradual, not immediate. It takes time for most people to adapt to change, learn from it, and make it a part of their lives. If you’re impatient, this process will be more difficult.

The world is not always happy; sometimes, life can seem stressful and negative. But a positive attitude is the first step toward changing your perspective. When you change your attitudes, the world will appear different around you. And when you have a clear picture that’s in line with reality, it’ll be easier to make decisions that will lead to the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to embrace change? Never feel stuck in the same rut in life ever again with this article. It will inspire you to take action and make your life better.

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